Bloggers Versus Fashion Editors

At the Milan and London Fashion weeks, fashionistas give their views on the ‘editors versus bloggers’ debate.

Front row seats at fashion shows were once almost exclusively for the rich, the famous and the magazine editor. In today’s sartorial world these seats are now also shared with the fashion blogger . . . and their influence is growing.

Fashion and beauty director at Essence Magazine, Julee Wilson, says: “The whole phenomenon of bloggers and influencers has really democratized fashion. It allows everyone to have a voice, everyone to have an opinion. And that is important to us as journalists.”

The new breed of style connoisseur can be seen at shows live-broadcasting to their hundreds, thousands and even millions of followers on social media.

German fashion blogger and instagrammer, Milena Karl, says: “People who follow me or other blogger, can more identify with your style and they follow you because of who you are.”

And increasingly a bloggers accessibility, and their personalities, make them the preferred source for style.

“I go to bloggers most of all, I feel like magazines are awesome for visual inspiration but bloggers have a certain truth to them. They get paid sometimes, but I feel bloggers are a bit more real and you can relate to them a bit more, they are people like you who also have a passion for fashion,” says student Ella Light.

But many in the industry agree bloggers do not signal the demise of magazines or the fashion editors. Italian Fashion Journalist, Cristina Mello Grand, speaking ahead of the Emporio Armani show in Milan, says: “These two worlds must coexist exactly like paper press and online press coexist. I come from that type of world and 20 years ago I was maybe one of the first online fashion journalists, and I find myself well in the dichotomy there is today. One can collaborate with bloggers, actually one must, for the benefit of our jobs, on both sides.”

Fashionistas views appear to signal ‘working together’ will be the new trend for bloggers, the magazines and their editors. – Jayson Mansaray, REUTERS


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