Video Interview With Yasmine Pahlavi, Wife of Prince Reza Pahlavi

By Azadeh Karimi and Ali Eshtiagh

Yasmine Pahlavi is the wife of the former Iranian Crown Prince, Reza Pahlavi. She is a children’s rights lawyer, and has played an active role in highlighting the plight of Iranians in refugee camps in Greece. She recently traveled to Greece to visit one such camp.

Yasmine Pahlavi is also well known for her efforts to raise cancer awareness. Years ago, when she discovered that she had breast cancer, she started an Instagram account to share her experiences with other women.

Kayhan Life’s Azadeh Karimi and Ali Eshtiagh recently caught up with Yasmine Pahlavi to discuss her career and the causes she cares about, as well as her marriage and her successful battle against breast cancer.

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