Film Director Lambastes Journalist Over Opposition To Hijab

Marzieh Boroumand (L) Masih Alinejad ( R)

Marzieh Boroumand, a veteran Iranian film and television director who has come out against the compulsory hijab, has also criticized those who incite civil unrest, particularly from outside the country.

A recent message on her Instagram page read: “I never adhered to the strict hijab rule. But I also oppose those who from the comfort of their homes abroad hijack any social movement inside Iran that serves their objectives. They only give an excuse to the extremists inside the country and put our young people in danger.”

Boroumand’s Instagram message was seemingly aimed at clarifying her earlier derogatory remarks about Masih Alinejad, an award-winning journalist who is well known for her criticism of Iranian authorities.

In an interview with Ahmad Talebinejad, a director and prominent film critic, Boroumand referred to Masih as “the repulsive woman with frizzy hair.” She said: “Why would she call on women to wear white headscarves on Wednesdays and protest in the streets? Hijab is not a new phenomenon in Iran. Many people wore headscarves before the Islamic Revolution. We live in an Islamic country after all. We are an Eastern culture.”

Boroumand added: “This is my personal view of course. I oppose restrictions. It should ultimately be a personal choice.”

Boroumand’s comments about the hijab drew sharp criticism from many people on social media, who posted a photograph of her taken before the Islamic Revolution, showing her without a headscarf.

“I spoke to Talebinejad in October of last year. I suggest you read the entire interview,” Boroumand said in response to the wave of criticisms leveled against her on social media.