Persia Ansari Scholarship and Human Rights Day

An Online Scholarship Award Ceremony On Human Rights Day



Persia & Kayhan Life invite you to join our stellar panelists Amir Taheri, Sam Loni, Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, Nazenin Ansari and Safoora Biglari at our December #webinar!

On Friday, 10 December 2021, Persia Educational Foundation and Kayhan Life will mark #HumanRights Day and formally announce the Abdolreza Ansari #Scholarship.

Earlier this year, in honour of one of Persia Educational Foundation’s founding trustees, Persia established and began to accept donations for the Abdolreza Ansari Scholarship.

It was Mr Ansari’s fervent belief that investing in youth education would further global prosperity. This philosophy and his illustrious career inspired the establishment of the Persia Educational Foundation, to support and empower Iranian youth and young professionals.

Mr. Ansari entered Iranian politics as a hard-working graduate, eager to help modernise his homeland and contribute towards its growth. It is therefore fitting that his legacy should live on in the form of a scholarship fund aimed towards Iran’s best and brightest, those dedicated to a life in public service and human rights.

Applications submitted by eligible Iranian descent students in a Master or Doctorate programme at an internationally accredited university in the UK or beyond, will be reviewed by an independent panel to select the recipient.

To mark the inauguration of this scholarship, and Human Rights Day coinciding with the first anniversary of Mr. Ansari’s passing, Persia and Kayhan Life will hold a webinar at 17:00 on Friday, 10 December 2021.

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To donate to the Abdolreza Ansari Scholarship fund, please visit the Persia Educational Foundation website here.

UK tax residents are invited to fill in a Gift Aid form to help increase the impact of their donation on the lives of Iranian students studying in the UK.