VIDEO: Iranian Livestock and Dairy Farmers Join the Nationwide Strike

Video posted by: @Eterazbazar

Logo on the Screen: Civil Disobedience (“Eteraz Madani”)

Caption: “Widespread Support for the Nationwide Protest”

Text on the screen: “Livestock and dairy farmers have been protesting in many cities
around the country, protesting the shortage of livestock and the unregulated pricing of
products, and calling for the resignation of incompetent officials.”

The video shows protesters in front of a government building in the southwestern
province of Fars. They are shouting: “Governor do the right thing and resign.” One
protester is holding a placard that reads: “We wish our cows could produce soft drinks
instead of milk.” The cheering protesters then pour milk out of churns onto the
pavement. The caption reads: “Livestock Farmers Join the Strike.”