Shoshtar Municipal Workers Protest over 6 Months of Unpaid Back Wages


Municipal workers health insurance premiums haven’t been paid in months. Workers only received last year’s pay 50 days ago.

300 workers of Shoshtar city in Khuzestan protested Monday over their not having been paid in several months.  The workers gathered in front of the city’s administration, after hearing that a meeting was going to be held with the governor, city council, and the mayor of Shoshtar, so that the officials could hear their demands.

A few days ago, labor activists released a report saying that workers were only paid half their wages for March, and that was all they’ve received since last year. Labor activists also said that in addition to the back wages, the health insurance premiums haven’t been paid either, and since July, the Shoshtar Social Security Agency has refused to renew their medical insurance coverage. During this same time, drug prices have risen by 100-300%.  The report added that their employers are trying to prevent them from protesting.

Now, the Shoshtar municipal workers have held a rally and demanded “We urge city officials to understand our problems and pay at least part of our wages.” They added, “Despite the fact that officials are aware of our bad financial situations, unfortunately no one does anything to help wage laborers.”

The workers hope holding a protest in front of the governor, mayor, and the city council will lead to their demands being heard.

Translated from Persian by Banafsheh Zand.