The Week in Review: September 1st – September 8th

Sep. 8 – The European Union condemned the arrest of one of its diplomats, calling the detention, which now spans more than 500 days, “illegal” this week.

Johan Floderus, a Swedish citizen working for the European External Action Service, the EU’s diplomatic service and foreign and defense ministry, was detained last year while allegedly on a private trip to Iran.

While Iran has detained several foreign nationals over the years, the imprisonment of a Western diplomat is rare. Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative, said he would continue working on the case until his release was secured.

Iran and Saudi-Arabia officially restored relations between the two countries, through the exchange of its ambassadors.

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Iran arrived in Tehran to take up his post, while Iran’s counterpart landed in Riyadh.

The restoration of diplomatic relations comes after a deal made between the states and brokered by China was agreed, in a bid to ease tensions in the Middle East.

And Israel’s Intelligence Minister Gila Gamliel, arrived in London to hold talks with exiled Iranian journalists and activists, to establish links between Israel and the Iranian diaspora.

Gamliel spoke about the importance of joining forces to support human rights movements in the country and address the regime’s malign activities around the world, according to a source who spoke to news outlet Al-Monitor.

The minister also spoke about a meeting she held with Iran’s Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, in Israel last April, as part of Israel’s preparations for a post-regime government.

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