The Week in Review: May 3rd – May 10th

May 10 – France accused the Islamic Republic of engaging in a policy of state hostage taking this week, as it demanded the release of two detained French nationals.

The comment, made by France’s Foreign Ministry, marked the two-year anniversary of the detention of Cecile Kohler and her partner Jacques Paris who were imprisoned in Iran on national security charges.

Two other French citizens are also believed to be arbitrarily detained in the Islamic Republic.

A British legal team at a world-famous advocacy group representing the detained Iranian rapper Toomaj Salehi, filed an urgent appeal about his case with the United Nations.

Salehi was sentenced to death on April 23 for supporting anti-government protests in Iran, a decision which created a global outcry.

The appeal filed by the lawyers at Doughty Street Chambers accused the Iranian government of violating international law and failing to respect Salehi’s human rights, including freedom of expression and the right to a fair trial.

And renowned Iranian filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof was sentenced to eight years in prison and flogging on charges which included “collusion against national security.”

Rasoulof is best known for producing films about the death penalty in Iran and the erosion of personal freedoms under the Islamic Republic.

Rasoulof’s lawyer said the filmmaker would only be required to serve 5 years of his sentence, as well as paying a fine and having his property confiscated.

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