Jan. 20 – The parliament for the European Union voted in favor of a resolution to list the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist organization, at a meeting held on Thursday.  

Iran’s nationwide anti-government and anti-regime protests have been met with deadly force by the Basij militia, a military unit connected to the IRGC.

The resolution also asked EU member states to support anti-regime and anti-government protesters in Iran, and to protect the Iranian diaspora from threats and violence. 

A man in Iran who drew international condemnation for beheading his child bride and making a video of himself walking in the streets while brandishing her severed head has been sentenced to eight years in prison. 

The minimal sentence was approved after Mona’s family pardoned her husband. Mona had been forcibly married at 12, gave birth to her first child at 14, and then fled to Turkey after allegedly being subjected to domestic violence by her husband, who refused to give her a divorce.

Laws in the Islamic Republic offer exemptions for men who kill their wives and their children, however women and girls are not granted the same exceptions for murder charges. 

And a petition signed by more than a quarter of a million people has asked that crown Prince Reza Pahlavi be given formal standing to transition Iran away from its clerical regime, in order to establish a democratic government in the country.

The Prince has previously asked to be given legal status by lawmakers inside Iran to manage the political movement, however the legal basis for the request remains unclear.

The petition has been signed by Iranian athletes, actors and artists. 

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