The Week in Review: January 12th – January 19th

Jan. 19 – Iran’s regime has deployed members of its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Yemen to support the regime-funded Houthi militia group’s attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, according to US-based think tank the Washington Institute.

The attacks are connected to the Israel-Hamas war which began on Oct. 7, and have so far targeted several commercial vessels and US naval ships.

The institute said the presence of the IRGC in Yemen was evidence of the regime’s involvement in the war, an accusation Iran officials have routinely denied. Several groups including the Houthis, Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah are seen as arms of Iran’s Axis of Resistance, which opposes Western influence in the Middle East.

Wikipedia articles about the Iranian regime’s human rights violations have been downplayed and even removed in edited entries, according to a report by The Times of London.

Anti-regime groups had also been discredited by anonymous contributors in several of the entries, raising concerns that Iran regime supporters were using the site to spread disinformation.

The doctored articles have bolstered concerns that Iran regime operatives in the UK continue to pose a national security threat.

And a record-breaking fine for women who breach the regime’s mandatory hijab law has been announced by the Iran parliament’s cultural commission, according to a report by Iran International.

The 240 million rial fine, which is equivalent to $444 dollars, could be imposed for second time offenders and amounts to more than two months’ wages for many Iranians.

First time offenders could face a 30 million rial fine, a sum equivalent to $55 dollars.

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