The Week in Review: February 2nd – February 9th

Feb. 9 – The UK’s ambassador to the United Nations, Barbara Woodward, condemned the attacks by Islamic Republic proxy militia groups in the Middle East, at a UN Security Council meeting this week.

Woodward said the UK remained committed to working with counter terror partners in Iraq and Syria, following an attack in Jordan near the Syria border which killed three American soldiers.

The UK has blamed the Iranian regime for strikes carried out by regime-backed groups including the Houthis, Hamas, Daesh and Hezbollah.

Iran’s government used two of the UK’s largest banks to move vast sums of money around the world in an attempt to evade sanctions, according to a report by the Financial Times.

Bank accounts at Lloyds and Santander UK were opened by British companies secretly acting as a front for sanctioned business the Petrochemical Commercial Company which is owned by the state of Iran.

The company has been accused by the US of being part of a network which raises hundreds of millions of dollars for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force and raising money for Iran’s proxy groups through Russian intelligence agencies.

And an adult entertainment star from the US faced a backlash on social media after posting a photo of herself in front of the former US embassy in Tehran while observing Iran’s mandatory dress code for women.

Whitney Wright, who is a vocal critic of Israel, shared several photos from her trip to Iran, which were later removed after the negative response to her trip by gender equality activists and human rights journalists who believe women in Iran should not be forced to wear a veil.

Iranian officials denied they had invited the actress and added that they had not been aware of her profession at the time her visa was issued, calling her work “obscene.”

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