Feb. 24 – A network made up of more than 40 unofficial torture centers and secret prisons used by Iran’s government to torture and imprison anti-government protesters was revealed by news outlet CNN this week.

The outlet said it had verified the network and the locations of the units and prisons with eyewitnesses and individuals who had been detained during the protests.

The report produced by CNN identified torture centers in Tehran, Sanandaj and Zahedan, and undisclosed prisons in cities including Amol, Karaj, Mashhad, Saqqez and Tabriz.

Iran’s government addressed the accusation that it had enriched uranium to 84 percent as part of its nuclear program, on Thursday, following a report by the UN’s atomic watchdog.

Nour News, which is linked to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said an inspector at the UN agency had made an error, or had deliberately overstated the enrichment level to create political tension.

The watchdog has yet to comment on the Iranian government’s claims.

And Iran signed a deal valued at more than $450 million to export 45,000 cars to Russia.

The agreement follows the withdrawal of several European and Japanese car manufacturers in response to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Iran said it would abstain from a draft UN resolution calling for “just and lasting peace” in Ukraine, but called for an immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russia’s military forces.

The UN representative for the Islamic Republic of Iran added that the resolution fell short of addressing all aspects of the issue, including “the provocation actions that have contributed to the crisis.”

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