The Week in Review: April 14th – April 21st

April 21 – Women in Iran took to social media this week to voice their anger over the government’s latest crackdown on the compulsory hijab.

Women have reacted in defiance of the new measures — which include the instalment of surveillance cameras in public places to spot women who fail to follow the gender-based dress code — by posting videos of themselves on social media without their headscarves.

Thousands of text messages containing police warnings have been sent to women’s phones since the initiative began.

A court in Iran found that 10 members of the armed forces were responsible for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 in 2020, during a period of heightened tension between Iran and the West.

The attack killed all 176 passengers on the flight, including 29 children and 53 university students.

Families of the victims said the verdict was “meaningless and unacceptable,” and said those prosecuted were low-ranking officials and “not the main perpetrators of the crime.”

And Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi visited Israel, marking the first time a prominent Iranian political figure has set foot inside the country since Iran’s revolution in 1979.

The visit was part of a strategy to rebuild ties with the Iranian people and Israel, according to the Prince, an opposition figure who advocates for a secular and democratic Iran.

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