Prince Reza Pahlavi Holds Talks with U.S. Jewish Leaders 


By Kayhan Life Staff

Prince Reza Pahlavi met and held talks with representatives from some 50 American Jewish organizations on July 8, urging them to intensify their efforts against the Islamic Republic and to support the ongoing nationwide protests in Iran.

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Highlighting Jewish organizations’ immense influence in American politics, Mr. Pahlavi urged them to push for tougher policies against the Islamic Republic and greater support for the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom.

Reza Pahlavi also called on the international community to provide moral and financial help to the striking workers in Iran.

A reliable source told Kayhan Life: “The Jewish organizations gave Reza Pahlavi a warm welcome. Highlighting the long and peaceful history of the Jews in Iran, which dates back to ancient Persia, Reza Pahlavi urged the international community to support the striking Iranian workers.”

“Reza Pahlavi also spoke about the dire conditions in Iran that have affected people from all walks of life,” the source said. “Reza Pahlavi noted that the murderous Iranian regime had emptied Iran’s treasury and ruined the country. He cited the recent nationwide power cuts and water shortage, lasting for several hours every day, as an example of the regime’s gross mismanagement, noting that many Iranians could not operate their fans and air conditioning units in temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius.”

“The central theme of Reza Pahlavi’s message to those in the meeting was the need for the international community to strengthen its support for the Iranian people,” the source explained. “Following the meeting, Reza Pahlavi held one-to-one talks with several of the representatives. The meeting will have a greater impact on Israeli officials and political activists. It is an opportunity for adopting a fresh outlook after four decades.”

“Reza Pahlavi noted that a future free Iran would reestablish friendly ties with all the countries in the region, including Israel,” the source said.

Reza Pahlavi compared the conditions under which Iranian people live to those Jews experienced in WWII, saying: “Instead of cooperating with the Islamic Republic, Western countries must support the freedom-loving Iranian people and protesters.”

The Islamic Republic lobbyists in the U.S. have lambasted the meeting.

However, Elli Cohanim, former Deputy Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism at the United States Department of State, tweeted on July 6: “In contrast to the Iranian regime lobby, I am truly happy to see American Jewry have this opportunity to hear from HIH Reza Pahlavi. His father the Shah gave Iran’s Jews equal opportunities and protections & had warm ties with Israel.”

A tweet by Eli Clifton, an investigative journalist at large, said: “EXCLUSIVE: The biggest umbrella group for U.S. Jewish and pro-Israel groups is welcoming Reza Pahlavi, the last heir apparent to the Imperial State of Iran for an off-the-record briefing. Other pro-Israel & Iranian American groups have serious concerns.”

On the same day, a group of Iranian political activists, artists, and athletes wrote to the newly elected Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, urging him to continue his country’s efforts to weaken the Islamic Republic’s terrorist operations and support the ongoing nationwide protests by the Iranian people.

Len Khodorkovsky, the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Senior Advisor for Public Affairs, tweeted: “Iranian opposition to Naftali Bennett: We await the day when Iran and Israel, under the auspices of the Cyrus Accord, establish serious political, cultural, economic, and technological relations and we believe that day is closer than ever.”

“Iran’s exiled Prince Reza Pahlavi in a meeting and discussions with 50 American-Jewish organizations on July 8 asked for more pressure to be exerted on the Islamic Republic, and support for protests by people in Iran,” the English-language Iran International said on July 9. “The officially announced attendance of the prince at the meeting and the disclosure of its goal is an unprecedented development in the history of Iran’s opposition forces trying to change the form of government in their country.”

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