Oct. 28 – Britain’s government accused Iran and Russia of breaking a United Nations resolution over Tehran’s alleged supply of drones to Moscow, because the states did not get prior approval from the UN’s Security Council.

Russia began its invasion of Ukraine in February, using military force to attack and occupy regions in the country. The UK said Iran’s government had provided the drones to Russia, which it used to target Ukrainian civilians and civilian infrastructure, in a statement released by the Foreign Office on Wednesday.

The UK added that the violations could also be in breach of the UN Charter, and could constitute war crimes.

A landmark request made by 22 UN experts asked the United Nations to launch an international mechanism to investigate officials overseeing the protests in Iran, which have currently left at least 230 people dead, including 23 children.

The UN experts made the demand in a statement published on Tuesday, and asked for an emergency meeting to be held at the UN to discuss potential actions against Iran, which is a UN member.

The experts also called on Iran’s government to implement missing human rights laws and to bring its domestic legislation in line with them.

And the Iranian government imposed a full ban on Instagram, as protests intensified across the country.

While other social media platforms had been banned previously, such as Facebook, Telegram and Twitter, Instagram was the only international social media site the government had allowed Iranians to use.

The bans on social media in Iran have been heavily criticized by Iranians, following reports that members of Iran’s regime continue to have unfettered access to the platforms.

Kayhan Life’s thoughts remain with Iranians demonstrating for their freedom.

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