The Week in Review: July 10th – July 17th

Explosions and fires across more locations in Iran were reported this week. On July 11, a gas explosion inside a residential building in Iran’s capital, Tehran, was reported. A day later, a fire caused by an oil leak broke out at a petrochemical facility in southwest Iran.

Another explosion was recorded on Monday, this time at an industrial complex storing gas tanks, in northeast Iran. On Wednesday, seven ships caught fire in Iran’s Bushehr port, a strategically important port in the Persian Gulf.

The explosions are the latest in a series of blasts which have taken place since June, near sensitive military, nuclear sites and industrial sites.

An 18 page document outlining an agreement between China and Iran was leaked. The document, which is thought to have come from Iran’s Foreign Ministry, details conversations between the two countries about the accord, and the aims of the deal.

The agreement bolsters economic, trade, government and technology ties between the states. It also aims to develop cooperation on policies relating to the war on terror and defensive capabilities.

While no figures were included in the document, some analysts believe the deal is worth billions, and will provide for the development of Iran’s oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors, while giving China oil, gas, and petrochemical products at discounted prices.

Some Iranians welcomed the deal, but several experts remained concerned that the accord could lead to China having significant control over Iran’s economy.

A Twitter campaign to stop executions in Iran went viral on Tuesday after Iranian officials confirmed that three men who had taken part in the November protests would be executed, making it one of the largest ever movements in the platform’s history.

More than 6 million tweets with the hashtags #اعدام_نکنید (“don’t execute”) and #StopExecutionsInIran were shared by Iranians in Iran and around the world, calling for an end to the death penalty inside the country.

The protest spread across to several other social media platforms including Instagram and Telegram, with tens of thousands of additional posts shared on those sites.

On Thursday, street demonstrations erupted in Behbahan, southwest Iran, as Iranians protested against the state of the economy, leaving many people unable to buy food and supplies.

Iran’s security forces used tear gas to disperse the protestors, and a heavy police presence was reported in additional cities, including Tehran and Isfahan. A statement released by Iran’s police force called  on people not to join gatherings, and that what it called “desperate protests” would be dealt with “decisively.”

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