#3 Kayhan Life Podcasts: With Amnesty International UK

Anti-government protests in Iran which flared up in November over a rise in oil prices, led to a brutal government crackdown that has been called the worst unrest inside Iran for forty years. The latest protests stemmed from past demonstrations over corruption and economic mismanagement in the country.

According to figures released by Amnesty International UK on December 2, more than 200 people are believed to have been killed by Iranian security forces since the protests started on November 15. Unarmed protesters were fired at from rooftops, helicopters, and in some instances on the ground at close range.

The demonstrations were obscured from international view during a government-sanctioned internet blackout, which left most Iranians inside the country without access to the world wide web.

Amnesty International and several other human rights organizations condemned the crackdown on demonstrators, while also criticizing the international community for its subdued response to the violence.

Oscar Jenz, the Iran and United Arab Emirates Country Coordinator for Amnesty International UK talks to Kayhan Life about the latest developments around the protests, what is likely to happen now and why for the first time since the inception of the Islamic Republic, the Iranian government is no longer able to commit human rights abuses with impunity.