Does Europe Take the Iranian Opposition to the Islamic Republic Seriously?

By Kayhan Life staff

Danial Ilkhanipour is a member of the Hamburg State Parliament from the Social Democratic Party of Germany. He is the parliamentary group’s spokesman for International Affairs.

In this interview, Mr Ilkhanipour talks about the attitude of German and European politicians toward the Iranian opposition and how the regime in Tehran manipulates the Iranian diaspora to sow division and discord. Pointing out that Europe has recently revised its position vis-a-vis the Islamic Republic, he offers his views about what the Iranian opposition can do to help Europe maintain this change.

Born in 1981 to Iranian parents living in Germany, Mr Ilkhanipour was elected to Hamburg’s regional parliament in 2015 and has been a spokesman for international affairs since 2018. He is a candidate for the upcoming European parliament elections.

Akhtar Ghasemi conducted the interview.