The Week in Review: January 10th – January 17th

Footage of another violent crackdown by Iran’s security forces against demonstrators in Iran were shared across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with some videos appearing to show protestors shot and injured by police.

Protestors had taken to the streets to express their anger at the government’s role in a plane crash that killed all 176 passengers. A Ukraine International Airlines flight taking off in Iran was shot down by two missiles, later confirmed to have been deployed by Iran’s own forces.

Increasingly concerned by the Iranian government’s decision to scale back its commitments under the nuclear deal, Britain, France and Germany triggered a dispute mechanism within the agreement.

The mechanism is designed to bring the breaching party back to compliance, but if the Joint Commission cannot find a solution, the disagreement can be referred to the UN Security Council. A new set of procedures would then kick in, which could lead to a ‘snapback’ of UN-related nuclear sanctions on Iran, which were in place before the JCPOA was implemented.

Trying hard to straddle both the EU and U.S. positions on the nuclear deal, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson supported the triggering of the JCPOA’s mechanism, while also backing U.S. President Donald Trump’s ‘new deal,’ which includes a set of 12 demands that the Iranian government would have to agree.

Those 12 demands were announced in May 2018, and would form the basis of Trump’s new deal. While Johnson is in favor of trying to revive, and extend the JCPOA, Trump has been clear in his desire to tear up the deal and launch a new agreement. The Iranian government rejected the idea of a new deal and said this week that there could be no negotiations until U.S. sanctions were lifted.

  • In the wake of General Qassem Soleimani’s death, Iran’s Guardian Council has approved additional funds for the Quds Force.
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  • Prince Reza Pahlavi tells attendees at the Hudson Institute that Iranian people want Washington to change its approach in how it deals with the regime.
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  • Iran’s Minister of Education said all the high school students that were detained in the recent protests had been released, but some human rights groups claim several children were abused while in detention.
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  • A major exhibition at Berlin’s Pergamonmuseum features four Iranian photographers, including Shadi Ghadirian, who is considered to be one of the first women to have revolutionized contemporary photography in Iran.
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