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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Singer Rastin, Raised in Sweden, Revs Up for LA Concert

By Fred Parvaneh In the 1970s, a new musical movement was created by blending modern and traditional Persian beats with Western rhythm and blues and...

Iranian Singer Cancels Concert After Female Players Banned from Stage

Benyamin Bahadori – an Iranian pop singer, composer and songwriter – has refused to perform at a concert in Kerman, capital of Kerman Province,...

Meet Iran’s Top Country Music Band: The Dream Rovers

 “What does your average Iranian know about country music?” asked the web site savingcountrymusic.com in a recent article. "Probably not very much, especially due...

All About Googoosh: Pop Superstar Embarks on Concert Tour

Googoosh is one of the most celebrated and influential Iranian pop artists of all time: a national treasure to generations of Iranians, and hugely...

Meet the Iranian-Swedish Pop Band Abjeez

By Mani Tehrani Abjeez is a Swedish pop band founded in 2005 by the Iranian-born sisters Melody and Safoura Safavi. The band has enjoyed sold-out performances in Europe and...

Iranian Poet Forough Farrokhzad Inspires U.S. Composer Epstein

Three original choral works, inspired by one of Iran’s most celebrated contemporary poets, Forough Farrokhzad (1935-1967), and arranged by celebrated U.S. composer Marti Epstein,...

‘Fast Fingers’ Musician Mortazavi Holds Workshop In German Village

The world-famous Iranian virtuoso Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – master of the daf and tombak percussion instruments, and once described by a German TV channel...

East Meets West in Sussan Deyhim Performance With Trumpeter Ben Neill

By Fred Parvaneh
A special musical performance ushered in the Persian New Year in Santa Monica this year. The Iranian-American vocalist and composer Sussan Deyhim and the American composer and trumpeter Ben Neill teamed up inside the Pete and Susan Barrett Art Gallery at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center.

Rock Star Soraya Sebghati Releases New Album With Her Band ‘Night Talks’

By Susanna Huth
Raised on a musical diet of David Bowie and Pink Floyd, Soraya Sebghati was always destined to be a "rock chick." Based in Los Angeles, Soraya is a member of the indie rock group "Night Talks" – a cool band with an alternative twist.

Israeli-Iranian Singer Maureen Nehedar Releases One Bestselling Album After Another

By Ahmad Rafat
Thirty-eight-year-old Maureen Nehedar was only two-and-a-half when she emigrated with her family from Isfahan to Israel. It was during the early years of the Revolution, when many Persian Jews were leaving their homeland. Maureen and her family were determined not to forget their roots.