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Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, more than 4 million Iranians fled to live in various Western countries. Along with the existing expatriates, they now form a highly significant minority in Europe and North America. The majority of these Iranians are highly educated professionals, businesspeople, both young and affluent, and who in economic terms form a unique community with high earning and purchasing power.
As many of the Iranians have studied in Western universities, their communities can provide a large and effective influence in medical, engineering, administration and other large industries and organisations.

Established in 1984, the London-based Persian weekly Kayhan offers a unique channel of communication to those Western companies or organisations who intend to advertise their services and goods or recruitment opportunities to a responsive audience. Kayhan is the main source of news regarding current affairs in their communities, Iran and the Middle East as a whole for thousands of Iranians. The readership spectrum also extends to the Persian speaking republics of the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan.
A recent survey indicated that the majority of Kayhan readers are aged between 25 and 60, evenly balanced between men and women. Advertising in Kayhan can open up a new and unexplored dimension for any national or international campaign which seeks to reach a powerful community with a wide range of needs complimented by a capacity and willingness to spend.

In a changing world, Kayhan has kept its tradition. Our objectives are to inform, educate and entertain our readers. It also reflects on issues of interest to the Iranian communities and supports their aspirations. In addition to public sources of information, Kayhan receives exclusive news stories and articles from Iran as a result of its long standing and popular image among the Iranians for being an independent publication.
Many institutions including government organisations, universities, public libraries, chambers of commerce etc. also subscribe to Kayhan in order to monitor the current socio-economic trends in Iran and amongst Iranians living abroad. Kayhan’s news stories and editorials are frequently translated by Western media, and subscription journals are read by decision makers and businesspeople.

Special Edition
On the 21st of March every year, Iranians celebrate ‘Norouz’ – New Year’s Day. The occasion is so significant for them that for two continuous weeks, the celebratory spirit of ‘Norouz’ permeates every aspect of life among the community.
Western firms or individuals who wish to congratulate their Iranian trading partners or friends can use the pages of Kayhan’s Special Norouz Edition which has a wider circulation than the weekly issues.
It is a colour publication and advertisers may spend their personal greetings alongside their own choice of colour pictures which will be appreciated and remembered by Kayhan’s readers throughout the year. The edition is a double issue with far more full size colour pages, and includes a calendar. The Christmas issue is also a special edition with more colour and mono-pages.

Published in London, Kayhan is distributed in 52 countries around the world. As the majority of Iranian expatriates live in Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, the United States and Canada, most copies are distributed among these countries accordingly via express mail or courier service. Kayhan has a large number of subscribers which amount to 35% of its total sales.
A recent survey amongst readers showed that on average, each copy of Kayhan is read by at least six individuals.

Advertising in Kayhan is either in a display or classified form. Twelve pages are devoted to display advertising, and are inserted in any week’s issue at the client’s request, bust occasionally advanced bookings are required for pages 1 to 5 and 12. Colour advertising is also available with prior arrangement.
Our classified section is updated every four weeks and it provides a highly useful information on local services aimed at the high concentration of Iranian communities in Britain, Germany, France and the United States.
For instances, in-house professional translation and graphic design services are available for introduction of your goods/services in the Persian language, with no extra charge in most cases.
For further information about advertising in Kayhan please contact our advertising department: